Experience of use VaricoSocks

An overview of using VaricoSocks from Emma from Düsseldorf

Varicose veins occurred during pregnancy

Hi, I'm Emma! I want to share with you how I discovered VaricoSocks varicose vein socks and leave a detailed review about them based on my experience.

Varicose veins often accompany pregnancy

What varicose veins are, I really learned when I got pregnant. Especially in the last few months it has been very difficult for me. The swelling aggravated the situation and the veins swelled so that you could feel it. Sometimes I felt like I wasn't able to get up and walk. The pains deprived me of night sleep and almost turned me into a patient in bed, which did not suit me at all as a future mother. I wanted to walk more and be outdoors.

Due to pregnancy, I could not use any medicines, not even in the form of a cream. The doctor advised me to tighten my legs with an elastic bandage. I've been using this method for a long time, but I can't say it's convenient.

I had to endure inconvenience

It is almost impossible to fix the bandage yourself as it should be due to the protruding abdomen. I had to constantly ask relatives for help. And if the bandage is tightened more than necessary, the legs begin to go numb. I almost fell once, being away from home. So I started looking for an alternative to bandages.

I managed to try different types of compression underwear from different manufacturers, until my eyes fell on the varicose vein socks VaricoSocks. Other analogs did not suit me for a variety of reasons. In some pants the legs were sweating, some were very noticeable when worn, those that are too high are not comfortable to wear, as they constantly slip. And almost all of them have lost their appearance after washing. I threw them all out with no regrets when I wore the VaricoSocks

My characteristic VaricoSocks

VaricoSocks stockings helped return to active life without varicose veins

I ordered socks against varicose veins on the site, since they simply cannot be found in ordinary orthopedic stores, as well as in pharmacies. It turned out to be very convenient, because you can choose any method of delivery and payment, which is more suitable. The socks were brought to me directly and only after receiving them did I pay for the purchase in cash, although cards were also accepted for payment.

How to use it was clear without words, but if anything there is an instruction on the packaging. Of the two colors, I chose beige and it was right. In warm weather, wearing them with light-colored clothing and sneakers can be quite invisible. The density and structure of the fabric does not give them a medical product. The length of the knee, in my opinion, is optimal. And the main feature is lightning. I was finally able to get dressed!

It goes without saying that the VaricoSocks socks from varicose veins are devoid of all the shortcomings that I tested earlier. That's why they have become my favorites. I achieved pregnancy safely, but I still wear them when I walk for a long time or hold the baby in my arms. The socks did not lose their presentation for several months of constant use, but my legs, on the contrary, took shape.


I would also like to express my gratitude to the manufacturers VaricoSocks for this wonderful invention. Using these stockings allows you to independently cope with varicose veins and live a normal life without drugs and doctors. Now I want as many people with vein problems as possible to know that there is a way out. My whole story described is a great recommendation. It's valuable because it's my personal experience and not hearsay information. Hope it helps someone.