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  • Máté
    I work on a construction site. Half a day is normal, so the legs start to itch and itch, as if they are full of water. I asked my friends, they advised me to try the VaricoSocks varicose vein socks. Of course, I'm not a doctor, but it has become easier to work with socks: the swelling is gone and there is no more discomfort. When I take them off, I still don't feel painful sensations.
  • Balázs
    The doctor diagnosed me with varicose veins. Course treatment was required, but I constantly missed the procedures. Then I was presented with a fact: either the treatment or the surgery. At that moment I was really scared. The VaricoSocks socks saved me. I started wearing them everyday to support weak veins and after a while the need for surgery was gone.
  • Petra
    At my age, any load on the legs can aggravate varicose veins. I already thought I should give up cycling, but the VaricoSocks socks gave me this opportunity back. Due to the pain and swelling, I started trying on different compression garments. VaricoSocks I liked the most, because they are very comfortable to put on and take off and fit almost everyone.
  • Jázmin
    I have to wear high heels all day. At some point, this became a real problem. I could take the pain, but when the blue veins started to appear, it looked repulsive. I found a way out to wear the VaricoSocks compression socks under my pants. Their supportive pressure relieved me of both pain and swollen veins unnoticed by my colleagues.
  • Anna
    I experience discomfort in my legs from time to time. Looking at my mom's legs, I think I'm also at risk for varicose veins, so I try to support myself. Once I ordered his VaricoSocks socks, they turned out to be so comfortable that I immediately placed an order for myself. With prolonged loads, they help me, and my mother simply does not part with them. Recommend!
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